API Integrations Solutions

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Think of how a user interacts with a form on a website. An API is very similar: it allows software to interact with other programs, as if they were filling out each other’s forms. Companies wanting to use API’s to integrate their different processes may chose to work with third party API companies, however these third party APIs often lack the features and customizations needed to adapt to your business. In the end third party API integration often comes at a very high cost wiping away many of the benefits.

M2M’s custom-made API integration solutions is the best of both worlds. Your business is sure to get the proper features and functionality that your current (and future!) processes need. To ensure full integration of all your IT processes, from production to CRMs through HR, our team of specialists will build solutions to the needs of your business, guaranteeing executive management a daily dashboard pointing out to everything they need to know at a glance.

Three Easy Steps


Before starting API integration we propose a feasibility analysis and consulting to understand and advise you on your current processes and how they fit into our capabilities as well as overall market trends.


Designing and deploying API integrations into your business.

This is a very exciting step. With our teams we will run agile development sessions to get you where you want to be in as fast as a couple intense weeks. We expect to be in touch with one key person in your organisation that has authority to make calls and thoroughly understands the business departments we are integrating - we understand it is a big ask to free up that time but the benefits for you will far outweigh any costs or short term delays.


Testing, supporting and upgrading them.

Our basic agreement will always include after sales support to understand any bug or system problem that arises after implementation. Once you desire to upgrade or change your systems even further, we will be there to test how those changes affect your API intergrations to date with us and make recommendations. And of course we will always be glad to help your make new integrations ourselves but will always be open to helping other providers in their API integrations of your systems on top or in conjunction with ours.